Shopify And Cloudflare

I have a shopify store and would like to transfer this domain to cloudflare.

I added the domain and don’t expect that anything should break. It has carried across the name servers of shopify automatic seems ok.

Is it possible to only use cloudflare as a domain registrar? It seems like we have to add a site and then I suppose cloudflare gets activated in some way?

I’m currently moving my domains away from godaddy as the prices are double.

Thank You

It is, but you will still have to use Cloudflare’s nameservers. You can leave all records on :grey: though.

Thanks- this sounds like what I want to do. I just don’t know what the grey cloud setting is. I saw that the auto import seemed right so if I just add the 2 nameservers to my godaddy account then this domain will route to cloudflare. I just think I don’t want the cloudflare ‘stuff’ switched on which is maybe what you mean? I coudln’t find where or how to do this. TY

:orange: is proxied, :grey: is not. has all the details on it.

I was there and recommended to come here due to the specifics of shopify. But I think I get it. I now see the clouds under DNS. ‘Proxy’ in this sematic use seems to mean not using cloud flare stuff.

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