Shopify and Cloudflare issue

Hi guys,

We have a store built on Shopify and since 3 days, our customer face an issue with Logging in
Just to give you an introduction of how our site is currently running.

Current process:

  • We have a store with over 145,000 products and the store’s default language is German. It requires language translation for which we are using GTranslate app from Shopify. It does most of the job well enough. Gtranslate uses URL based translation where we have 3 languages - French, English, Italian

Issue -
The website was working fine until 3 days ago, our customers couldn’t create a new account in the French, English, Italian versions. They were hit with “Your connection needs to be verified before you can procced” and the customers are not able to go further for the next step. In this process we lost many customers. The base German version works fine. The error shows up with Cloudflare Turnstile

The progress: We contacted Shopify and Gtranslate in regards to this. However, none of them seem to help us out with it. Its getting frustrating and we are loosing a lot of customers. Is there a way we can get this solved.