Shopify Add to Cart Broken - Shopify says its a cloudflare issue

Hi all,

We run our site on shopify but use Cloudflare also. Its been running without issue for over a year. Earlier this week we had a call from a customer saying the add to cart is broken. We checked and its true, when you click add to cart nothing happens.

I asked our dev if he had made any recent changes, he hadn’t. I troubleshooted with Shopify support and they said the issue is on Cloudflare’s side. If we switch our domain back to the shopify one the problem goes away. Its only when running via Cloudflare on our custom domain that the issue happens.

I can’t understand what the issue is as we’ve not made any changes on either the shopify or Cloudflare side. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Site is (currently running on the shopify domain)

Many thanks in advance,

Hi. Have you talked to your theme developer? I visited your site with Google Chrome and when adding to cart page reloads because of error. I dont think this is caused by Cloudflare … i have had the same issue and it was one of my apps that caused problem with ajax cart … i hope this answer helps you on your way.

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