Shocking to see Google Trust issuing 4 Cloudflare SSL cert

Zero Trust is a good way to describe any connection to Google, the privacy thieves. How can a user be assured that a certificate will be issued through Cloudflare trusted services, Let’s Encrypt etc. There is a growing movement to end the overreliance on the tech behemoth that has its tenticles in every place imaginable, using them to steal personal data from unsuspecting humans worldwide.

How does someone steal any data with an SSL certificate? All the traffic is still going through Cloudflare and not Google.


You can purchase and upload your own certificate from whatever CA you wish on Cloudflare’s business plan. No need to reply on Cloudflare’s choices for partners.


Not talking about the use of SSL, but rather, the collection of Geo-data on every Android (its) OS device of every footstep of world citizens, its virtual ad and search monopolies on the web. No, no need for yet another hook to a company that needs to be brought down to a competitor and not a sleazy advertising company with ubiquitous tentacles.

Yes, good point. Thanks.