Sharing turnstile challenge success between pages: pre-clearance/WAF required?

After a user has passed a turnstile challenge in a form on one page, is pre-clearance the only way to allow them to access a turnstile-protected form on a different page without running a second challenge?

And if so, do I understand correctly that pre-clearance requires Cloudflare WAF?

You could probably return them a token that is valid for a certain time after their first successfuly Turnstile validation. This could then be used to verify any following requests without going through Turnstile again. But this would be a custom implementation outside of Turnstile.

Thanks, I appreciate that. Would pre-clearance be the normal (non-custom) way to do it then?

That would be my understanding, yes. I am not using it myself so i cannot say this for certain, but having read their documentation it sounds like it is something similar at least.

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