Sharing Durable Objects between workers locally

How do I share a Durable Object with another worker locally?

According to, I can do this:

Start two workers locally with these commands:

w1: wrangler dev src/index.ts --experimental-local --port 8701
w2: wrangler dev src/index.ts --experimental-local --port 8702


bindings = [{name = "WSDO", class_name = "Wsdo"}]


bindings = [{ name = "WSDO", class_name = "Wsdo", script_name = "w1" }]

It seems to be undocumented that this is not possible to do locally? The env var of w2 is an empty object.

The other method of worker-to-worker communication is to use services, again it seems to be undocumented that this does not work locally.

Miniflare seems to have a bunch of extra config that wrangler dev ignores?

Is there a way to configure workerd to allow cross worker durable object bindings?

How should I be developing locally? It seems developing locally only works for a single worker, and everything else is broken and not documented?

Hey! Apologies for the delayed response here. As of [email protected], sharing Durable Objects like this in should be supported with the new Miniflare 3 runtime. Try running the wrangler commands you’ve got above without --experimental-local (this is no longer required with Wrangler 3). Make sure you’ve also got name = "w1" and name = "w2" specified at the top of w1/wrangler.toml and w2/wrangler.toml respectively.