Sharing Bot Management ROI Calculator for Feedback

Hello! I’m the Product Marketing Manager at Cloudflare for Bot Management and I’d like your feedback. We have created RoI calculators that can be used to calculate the cost of bot attacks.

And, I’d love to know your feedback on these two calculators:

Account Takeover / Credential Stuffing attack

Price Scraping

When you’re ready, submit your feedback here.

Specifically, I am sharing these calculators to get your inputs on:

  • Would such calculators be useful for you to understand the cost implications of bot attacks?
  • Does the input parameters range look reasonable?
  • Does the terminology used in the calculators speak to you?
  • Would this be a quick and easy fill, if so, what persona should we target to provide this information? (Who in the organization would have all these details)
  • Any additional feedback?

Given the current length of the calculator, do you think we should include below three parameters?

  • Cost of customer support team in case of an incident
  • Cost of security support team in case of an incident
  • Brand reputation cost in case of an incident

Please ignore the look and feel of the calculator for now, at this point we just want to know if we’ve captured the elements needed. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to let me know.


We’re still collecting feedback on these ROI calculators and are curious if they’re helpful and most of all, if they accurately reflect your experience?