Shared Universal SSL expired?

I am using the free plan to test a website with Cloudflare services.
A while I activated universal SSL and I was provided with a managed/shared universal SSL certificate.
I see now that it is expired. Wouldn’t these certificate renew automaticaly? I cannot get rid of it, I tried disabling Universal SSL, I tried removing the website from Cloudflare account and adding it again the next day, still that universal SSL certificate is bothering me. How can I delete it or let Cloudflare issue a new one?


What’s the domain?

It sounds like you’ve tried a few things, but give this a look also:

  1. the only cname set up was “www” and now is deleted.
  2. I turned universal ssl on and off a few dozen times already
  3. Name servers are set to Cloudflare from the begining
  4. the dns records are already routed through Cloudflare
  5. I will wait 24 hours after doing all the steps above, again.

To be more precise, should I have an expired certificate shown in the edge certificates tab even after Universal ssl is disabled?

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