Shared SSL Certificates and adult sites

One thing I would like to see in future is some kind of either automatic or manual separation of adult sites on shared (free) SSL certificates.

This could either be automatic filtering that would detect certain words (such as “adult” or…well, you can imagine), or a manual setting somewhere in the dashboard that a site admin can set, eg “this is an adult site”.

While I’m sure 99.99% of visitors won’t notice unless they check the SSL certificate for details, I’m not entirely comfortable with my nice family friendly sites sharing a certificate with “dirtygangbangs dot com” among others. :joy:

I’m only using Cloudflare on a few personal sites (so it doesn’t bother me enough to drop $5/mo on several dedicated certificates, as that would triple my hosting costs), and also on a couple of sites for a volunteer group I’m part of (which doesn’t have the money to spend on such things), so it’s not the end of the world really, but it is something that would be nice if it was considered!

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if you want a custom certificate you could always pay $5/mth for one

OP mentioned that, but the shared certificate neighbors are why I spend the extra $5/month. For some, that’s a legitimate concern of having Free SSL.

In the end, I doubt Cloudflare will change the process due to the difficulty of determining what is/isn’t controversial during the automated certificate process.

Thanks for the feedback. Completely understand your concerns, which is one of the reasons we introduced the $5 dedicated :cert:, but the types of challenges @sdayman mentioned are also a factor. I’ll make sure that your feedback gets back to the team managing our SSL features, but I can’t say if/when they might be addressed.