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Re: Share your Worker recipes

I joined the Cloudflare Workers beta a few months ago, and got me all excited about being able to do work on the edge, and outputting static html to the client!

I saw a great fit with an idea we wanted to execute on. So we went to work…

We started building and found a handful of customers who wanted to join our beta.

See here if you are interested in what it actually is and what problem it tries to solve.

Initially our customers had to install a Javascript embed which would load their dynamic team page. Which was not trully the seamless experience we promised.

But with our Worker script, we’ll inject the customers team page build from our Teampage API on the Edge, and output HTML & CSS to the client.

It gives our customer website static HTML (which is better then loading the data with Javascipt on the client) while still being able to maintain the team page from within our Teampage dashboard. Also more secure, because no CSP domain whitelisting needed (including for photos).

We’re rewriting the output Stream, so had some technical hurdles (hooray for utf chunks), but I’m happy to share our solutions with other devs.

Anyway, sorry if it sounds like a pitch, but just wanted to share this implementation example with you guys.

(the real pitch below :wink:)
If you’re a product owner/manager and have an out-of-date team page, sign-up on our site and I’ll get you the first year free :slight_smile: