Share your experience with our marketing research team

We’d like to have a 20-minute conversation with you to learn about your experience using Cloudflare - how you use it, what you like, and what you don’t like. This will help us improve our website experience for you and for everyone else.

If you’re interested, please let us know.


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I’m interested, but when I clicked on the “please let us know” I was taken to a Google login page.

I don’t have, or want, a Google account (and I don’t want to inflict Google Analytics on my site visitors). Are you interested in feedback from Cloudflare customers who aren’t also Google customers? If so, please let me know.

Hi @ehasbrouck, I thought perhaps the team doing the research had taken down the form, but just checked and it’s still there. The link resolves to a google doc for input, but it is in no way associated with/limited to gmail/google accounts nor google analytics. Here is what I see, if you’re not getting the same, can you clear cache & try again and if still an issue share an image of what you’re getting? Sorry for the troubles.

I have a suspicion you’re logged into your Google account. In an Incognito Window, I get that login prompt:

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+1 & thank you, @sdayman, I also have another verification of the same. I searched the error and came back with a lot of conversations about why google forms prompts you to login, but there is no suitable workaround. Thank you for your interest and letting us know. I ping the team to see if they have other options.

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I’m not logged in to any Google account. I do not have a Google account.

Here’s what I get when I click the “please let us know” link:

It looks like it didn’t occur to whomever designed the feedback system that some Cloudflare customers might not have Google accounts, and test for that use case. I have seen other Google Docs forms that don’t require a Google account, but since I’m not a Google user, I can’t tell you how to get that functionality.