Share only a website of a group with another email

Good evening, I’ve a free account with 8 websites. Is it possibile to share the access to only 1 of those 8 websites to another email? Thanks

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Ok but… to have multiple accounts (group of websites) I need to pay for a special subscription? I’m not able to see something to add a new account (a group of websites).

You’ll need to create a new account manually with a different email, then add the domains you want to that new account. Then you can add your main account as a administrator of the new account to manage both groups of websites from a single login.

So if with login_A i’ve an account AA, with inside websites X, Y, Z, I can’t share with login_B only the access to website Z.
I’m right?

Unfortunately, on non-enterprise accounts, you can only share an entire account’s websites with other accounts and can’t selectively choose which each account gets to access.

My suggestion is to make a new account login_C just to house website Z and share that with the other logins you want to have access to that website. I do hope they decide to bring granular controls to the other plans in the future.


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