Share DNS management with multiple accounts

Is there any option to share DNS management between two accounts?
Thanks for navigating, I’m new in Cloudflare and I looked up, but did not find any answer.


Hi @jan.kral,

With the Free, Pro and Business plans, you can only add people as an Administrator so they have access to all th settings except billing.

On an Enterprise plan, you can restrict what people can access and change.

Alternatively, you can create a scoped API token to allow people to make DNS changes, but that won’t give them access to the dashboard.

Hi, thanks for quick answer.
I found these articles too, but when I add people and log into another account, I cannot see any website. So my question is, where to set up (as administrator) which users have access to which websites.

Thanks a lot.

When you add an admin, they will get access to every website in your account. At the top where you blurred your email, there’s a drop-down to select the account.

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