Share/combine cloudflare origin CA certificate for multiple domains

I have two cloudflare domains directed at the
same server, with Full (strict) SSL enabled on both.
I have been using one of them successfully with
the Cloudflare origin CA certificate generated for it,
but now I have trouble certifying the second domain.
Expecting the cloudflare certificate to work automatically
on the second domain proved vain, but I didn’t find a way
to upload the same certificate to the second domain,
and generating a new one and combining the two
certificates on the server didn’t seem to work either.
Did I just bork the latter solution and combining the certificates would be a good idea,
or there is a way to upload the same certificate that I just didn’t find?

You just have a second certificate issued for the second domain and configure this in your web server just like you did with the first. Nothing to combine there, they are two separate certificates and they need to be configured separately.

Thanks, specifically it looks like it’s separate “virtual hosts” that I’ll need
to create on the server for the two certificates. Working on it.

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