SGV is not loading

How about trying a different browser, incognito mode, different device, clearing browser data. All that.

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Exactly, I did it all.

I will restart the company’s internet now. kkk

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Did not work. I do not know what else to do.

WebPageTest also gets duplicate headers. I suggest you open a ticket and have them poke around.

To contact Cloudflare Customer Support, login & go to and select get more help. If you receive an automatic response that does not help you, please reply and indicate you need more help.

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Yesterday I opened a support but I still haven’t received any feedback there.

Can you post the ticket number? Someone usually pushes them along if you post the #.

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I have a few hundred pages with these problems:

All SVG buggy.

Thus? #2008645

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One more question: Is there a cache of headers on the Cloudflare side?

I ask why it creates a new cache of my updated files from storage (I removed the buggy header).

However, I noticed that when he fetches the file again, he keeps the same headers as the first source search (I tested it by switching to gzip).

Would there be any way to clear the header cache in the cloudflare?

Indeed, the header remains curly even when the source is changed. I did other tests and it doesn’t really change.

Now I thought about doing a test:

  1. I disabled Brotli (causing the cloudflare to remove the content-encoding br from the svg) and cleared the cache.
  2. He actually removed the content-encoding but did not search for the source headers again.
  3. I activated the brotli again and cleared the cache … it ran the broli again but did not search for the origin headers again.

The big question that will solve everything: Is it possible to force cloudflare to seek the headers of the origin again?

Doing this, everything goes back to normal.

Because all new uploads are working normally … however, I have hundreds of pages using SVGs that needed to update the headers.

That would surprise me, as I’d always considered a cached file to be a single entity. For example, some servers put in a x-cached type of header. Those will vary between HIT and MISS, depending on how the cache syncs up.

Other headers I’ve changed on the fly are content-security-policy, permissions-policy, and referrer-policy. When I purge all cache, then reload, I get my new headers.

So now I wonder if Google’s CDN does some header caching.

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Google Storage updates the header … Cloudflare does not …

They consider headers and body, I found this here:

At first, I can clean the headers using the API. I’m in progress.

That’s not how I read that, though it’s news to me. It sounds like a regular file purge won’t clear that file unless you also specify those purge-blocking headers. If I’m right, then a MISS followed by a HIT should include the new headers.

Keep us posted!

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Well, I finished testing with the API.

It actually clears the cache (same for the platform), but it has no effect on the content-encoding that it retrieved from the source the first time. I cannot affect the headers from the first query to the source.

Do you have any idea?

My support has been waiting for almost 30 hours.

Sorted out!

Well, the API didn’t change the original headers, so I went looking for a solution regarding the image link.

Thinking about it, I realized that the “character chair” of the cache was by default. That is, if you enter any get, it searches again for the origin’s headers and body.

It worked! I added a “?size=thumbnail” to all thumbnail images and Cloudflare had to search for the source header again.

Thank you so much for helping! Really! You were a big part of the solution.

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Just as long as I wasn’t part of the problem. :wink:

I’m glad you got it working. It’s been a long couple of days for you.

Hi Alison, I am having the same issue and came across this post. May I ask you how you added “?size=thumbnail” to all thumbnail?

Interestingly, some svg files are alright, some are not…
the one is displaying on the page is somehow auto converted to svg path
the one not displaying on the page is remaining as xxx.svg file…

I am not sure how it determines which way to display… not sure if it’s relevant… I am clueless now…
so I am trying to gather all possible methods to see which one works for me…

Thank you