Sftp with Short-Lived Certificates

Is SFTP expexcted to work with Cloudflare’s Short-Lived Certificates? Cloudflare’s documentation doesn’t seem to mention sftp, but the ProxyCommand directives don’t look like they’d work with sftp, and on my machine, they indeed aren’t working.

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@MoreHelp please advise.

Cloudflare doesn’t proxy non-HTTP(S) content. You need to set the hostname as :grey: and use your own certificates.

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Cloudflare proxies port 22 SSH. I’m talking about SFTP using this mechanism.

That is not correct. (Unless you’re using Enterprise Spectrum)

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Sorry, perhaps I’m using the wrong termniology. I’m talking about this. It works with all accounts including Free accounts:

I think I confused everyone by listing ProxyPass when I meant ProxyCommand in my original post. Sorry about that. I’ve now fixed it.

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