SFTP file uploads go to Cloudflare instead of origin server

Recently the ISP hosting our origin server switched from Ubuntu to Debian, and upgraded Apache. Don’t know if that is relevant, but the following day all attempts to upload (SFTP) from Expression Web to the site result in a “connection timed out” error. A little research disclosed that the files are now being sent directly to Cloudflare, which if course is not configured to accept them. The ISP confirms that SFTP now needs to be sent to the IP or the VPS host name (not the site’s name). Expression Web, creaky as it is, is apparently not coded to accept this (eg, it doesn’t allow one to specify port 22).
Has anyone else had this experience?

Sure, you cannot connect with anything non-HTTP related to a proxied hostname. Either switch them to :grey: or use the IP address.

Sandro, thanks for the monitoring.
I just learned this is an acknowledged bug in Expression Web, known as far back as version 3, and never fixed. I am going to start uploading from VS Code’s SFTP extension.

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