SFTP account stopped working

I was able to access my SFTP account when I had both my domain (nameservers) and hosting with godaddy. After I moved my nameservers to Cloudflare my SFTP account is not opening

Also I am facing another problem (stated below) and I think both are linked with each other.

I have managed wordpress hosting from godaddy. It is asking me to update A value to

But when I checked in cloundflare the value was already

Then I checked on whatsmydns.net and it was displaying value &

The IP values that are displayed are Cloudflare IPs, they hide your origin IP address to prevent direct attacks there. The only way to stop that is set the record to :grey: rather than :orange: but that disables caching, security etc.

If you are trying to access a service such as FTP, you should access it directly via your host’s IP rather than the domain name if you can. You could set the relevant DNS record to :grey: but that would expose your origin IP.

Yes when I changed hostname(in FileZilla) to IP of my server rather than my domain’s name my SFTP account started to work.
Thanks for help


No problem, glad you have got it sorted.

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