Severe packet loss on ping website

我ping 的网站

Did you run a traceroute? If your ISP drops packets there’s not much Cloudflare can do.

I just bought the HOSTINGER space, it shouldn’t use any

Not sure what you are saying, but it didn’t address my question.

Sorry, I don’t know much about traceroute you said,
I just bought a virtual space and put a website

What’s the output of this command?


Wait a moment


There were no problems a few days ago, no changes, that’s it for today

Yep, as I mentioned the dropped packets are within your ISP’s network. Cloudflare can’t do anything here.

ICMP is not necessarily any more the best indication for that as ISPs often deprioritise it.

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what should I do? Are you looking for a server vendor? Or a domain name provider?

You need to talk to your ISP, if you consider this an issue.

ok ,thanks

Excuse me, I don’t understand why there is no problem with other websites on the same server under the same account

What problem exactly is there?

The settings are exactly the same, other websites are very fast, such as, but this website is very slow to open

Define slow. But as I mentioned that’s an ISP issue and you need to talk to them.

Ok, thank you for your reply, thank you :grin:

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