Severe Cloudflare APO page speed issues for Telekom Customers in Germany

So I said I’m gonna update if we subscribe or have any positive news. After a day of watching the performance and logging it, it was like that

normal page load time ~850ms (eCommerce) APO enabled before the debacle
around 10am load time ~2.30sec APO enabled after Telekom debacle
around 2pm load time ~4.20sec APO enabled after Telekom debacle
around 5pm load time ~45sec - 3min - not loading at all APO enabled after Telekom debacle

Now within a minute after subscribing to the Pro Plan the load time is down to 1.3sec. The IP, as already stated here, did change. I did not change any Pro plan settings which come with additional performance benefits yet. Now, down to ~850ms again on prime time and like the performance we had before the debacle with Telekom started.

I can not say I’m happy, as we were forced to upgrade in an progressive way and without any notice about the issue with already damage taken by visitors that gave up on the site bc it wasn’t loading for them. From a business side perspective I can not see why Cloudflare would want to change this situation as they can grab the dollars keeping that situation like that. It is capitalism we all decided on, right?

We had no use to upgrade before the debacle, now they made sure we all have a reason. Pretty disgusting if you ask me. From both companies, to be clear.