Several sites on Cloudflare do not connect

Recently I’ve been getting a site unavailable error, both for my site and for other sites that are under Cloudflare (eg

I’m browsing normally and suddenly I get the message “Host - Error”, even though this site is available for access by another internet provider (4G mobile).
And even the error “500 Internal Server Error - nginx”, on a site that is hosted on Apache.

Ex.: I have my website, and a subdomain on my website, my main website is hosted on GCP and the subdomain on DigitalOcean.

For the GCP site, the image below appeared:

For the DigitalOcean subdomain, (which runs under Apache, not NGINX) this appeared:

But immediately, 9gag (which has no relation to me) also becomes inaccessible.
As picture below:

I don’t know, it’s something with my internet provider, because I can access it normally at another ISP (4G).

Or if Cloudflare in Porto Alegre (Brazil) has a problem.

In my router we have the IPs and configured as DNS.

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