Several domains, some work, some don't


Hi, I have several domains that I am adding one at at time.

Some seem to go through the CloudFlare servers almost right away, and some are not, hours later.

Does it depend on how big the website is? The smaller ones are faster to work correctly through https.

One I changed the DNS settings for in my Registrar’s preferences for it about 3 hours ago, and I still cannot reach the site, and another I set up and it only took 10 minutes until it was hosted through https.

I compared them side by side, both within the CloudFlare settings and the Domain settings and can’t see any difference.


Sometimes it takes 48 hours. They don’t always switch at the same time due to where they are in the DNS refresh cycle. The size of the site does not change update speed.

If you post the domain names affected, we can take a look.

#3 - this one is partial https but there’s still a warning

Thank you very much. I appreciate the help, and I love this service! :slight_smile:

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Both sites have DNS set for Cloudflare.

15wing isn’t responding, and sask doesn’t have DNS records here.

For now, set 15wing’s DNS entries to :grey: (instead of :orange:) to make sure the site works.
And sask needs DNS records that match the ones at your web host.


Like this?


The “A” record does not respond to requests for your domain. Does that match the DNS record for that hostname at your web host? The ‘www’ entry points to a Parked Domain page…if that’s what you wanted.


Hi sdayman

I have both and .com

I started out parking .ca on .com (without the Cloudflare settings) but after I configured Cloudflare, I lost the connection to .com so I tried reversing that & parked .com on .ca

I on Cloudflare 4 days ago so was hoping it would work today, but no go on either of them.

This may all be resolved in the morning, so don’t spend a bunch of time on it (and sorry I dropped you earlier).

I do hope to light this new site up for the client next week though, so sure hope whatever detail it is that is tripping it up becomes apparent to me soon! I’ve had 4 or 5 others go through without a hitch, in about 5 minutes each, so I am loving this service!

The differences between 15wing and eliminators and all the others is that 15wing has 2 domains, one parked on the other, and eliminators has a lockdown page.

I have to dig deeper into saskrentals and eliminators later, right now it is 15wing that is priority.


All those DNS records are properly entered and propagating.

Where did you get that 192.64 IP address for the .com? And where is that website hosted? The website host (where your files are stored) should have its own DNS list you can manually copy over to here.


The DNS records at pairNetworks where I host are listed as this: (IP Address: (IP Address:

I have trashed the record and started again.

I did that with (back to the beginning of this thread) and recreated it, and now works right.

Thank you very much for your help, I will post once I have gotten 15wing back online. :slight_smile:

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