Setup without Nameserver changes

We’d like to implement Cloudflare on our Wordpress hosted website, however we require the setup to occur without the Nameserver change. Currently we have a domain pointing from a primary server onto another (secondary) server where the website is hosted and we’ve previously had an issue where business emails went down because of nameserver change (due to MS365 exchange integration from primary server). We’d like to setup Cloudflare for the website hosted on the new (secondary) server without affecting the primary server at all, if this means finding an alternative route to implementing Cloudflare without changing the nameservers on this website. Kindly advise if this is possible.

Hi there!

I’m not sure if I full understand what is the final solution, but we have the feature available only for Enterprise for the Zone transfers - Multi-provider DNS · Cloudflare DNS docs

If you would like to maintain the primary Nameservers, you can use the partial setup: Set up a partial (CNAME) zone · Cloudflare DNS docs

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So we’ve got a GoDaddy server where the domain is registered, and emails are forwarded to an exchange from there. Also is an A Record which points the website to read from a different server from another hosting provider. How will setting up the Partial CNAME affect the DNS in this case?
Would it need to be performed from the Authoritative (Domain) Hosting server or the Website hosting server?

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