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I am trying to setup a subdomain but its not allowing me to do so. What could be the issue? will point to:

Hi @driftcoffeehouse,

How are you trying this? Is this with a redirect under ‘Page Rules’? Are you able to post a screenshot of this?

If you are trying this as a DNS record, you can’t point a DNS record to a URL.

its a double subdomain.
This is not possible with CloudFlare as far as I know.
Pls go for (without “www”) then it should work.

Point your domain “” to (wihtout the www) and everything will be fine.

I think they want a forwarder from their cloudflare subdomain under driftcoffee to restolabs, which is not under Cloudflare.


If you want to forward pls use a PageRule to forward. Something like:

Rule: Forward (301) to

But some more infos about what exactly you already tried and how exactly would be good.

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