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Hi Everyone,
Please can anyone point me in the right direction to setup an SSL Proxy for my website?
My website is hosted by https://www.Help and they have suggested users setup an SSL Proxy to secure websites.

Their instructions are
SSL Certificate
We will provide support for SSL certificates soon. Currently, the only way to get it is to set up a certificate by using a proxy (Cloudflare, Cloudfront).

Here is the full article -

How can Cloudflare do this?
What do I need to do to use a Cloudfalre SSL proxy to secure my website on https://www.Help

I would be very grateful for any assistance.


You need to move your sites nameservers to Cloudflare then activate Cloudflare proxy on them and it will have SSL on your site.

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Hi Jake1st,
Thanks for the assistance.


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My only recommendation can be to very quickly change host. Your site will still be insecure in this setup, as the actual connection will still be HTTP. There only will be HTTPS sugarcoating towards the user, but the data itself will still be transmitted in an unencrypted fashion.

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