Setup SSL but still gets warning

The certificate appears to be in place and if you currently have “Full strict” it would throw an error otherwise.

Your configuration seems all right, at this point your resolver has an old address and you need to wait until it updates that or make it update that.

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But to address the resolver issue. What’s the output of this


You should manage your general setting of wordpress dashboard.There you have to manage your site url.Check that one. If there, you find http then you should convert it to back slace or empty with the help of your site database.

Sorry for not responding sooner but as new member I have limit od 20 reply in 24 hours or something, so I had to wait for 18hours to write this message…
Anyway, respond is:
Server: UnKnown

Non-authoritative answer:
Addresses: 2606:2800:220:1:248:1893:25c8:1946

Hi, thnx for answer but I am NOT using wordpress…

No worries, these limits often are a hassle, but often are also necessary as the forum does get quite a few spammers too. @cloonan, can you lift the OP’s restrictions?

All right, your local resolver would be at then. Do you know which machine that is?

Though, do you still get the wrong IP address in the first place or is it fixed now?

Right now I am using my mobile phone as hotspot for sharing internet and as my main “router” But yesterday when I said that I am on different network I was using other hotspot so I am not accessing internet thru same “router”, but problem is persistent.

BUT, I tried this on my wife phone and as I can see there is no problem, certificate is valid, lock is closed and everything is working. So that gives me hope that problem is really in some kind of cache or something as on my PC I did cleared browser cache numerous times, used firefox, chrome and Edge and all of them reports invalid certificate.

And respond I paste in previous post is few minutes old,

About the other network I cannot comment, but it will be most likely the same issue.

The site still loads fine and there is no SSL issue, so you do not need to be concerned about that as far as public access is concerned.

The question still is, what is Do you know that?

You can easily check that you get the wrong address by simply running


and compare that to


Yup, it is important that public access is working.
And regarding this IP address, I think that it is assigned by DHCP on my phone that is sharing 4G as wifi to our house (we are on vacation right now so don’t have normal wifi router).

But again if it is something that is related to “router” then other devices that never visited link would experiance same problem… and it is not case as my wifes phone is accessing link and sees valid certificate and her phone is also using same “router”.
So it is probably some king od cache that is on windows level or something (I have no idea is there something like that but thats how it looks to me)

That, it is.

It most likely is. That is your resolver and either that resolver has the old value or its upstream resolver.

Difficult to tell, however it will be some issue with that resolver. You can only try to force it to update or wait. In the meantime you can verify with the two aforementioned commands the IP addresses.

Unfortunately we are slowly getting off-topic as network configuration is a tad beyond the scope of the forum here :slight_smile: I would recommend StackExchange for details on how to force the resolver.

The site itself seems properly configured though and loads fine :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much for prompt help and responds. We will stop expanding this trehad as we are indeed going off topic.

Tnx one more time :wink:

No worries :slight_smile:

Just reboot what network appliance you can find and try to trace where that wrong IP address comes from. If it is the upstream resolver there is not much you can do, short of switching over to one of the public resolvers like Yandex, Cloudflare, or Google.

Hey I had to write one more post here just to let you know what in the end was problem:
When I started work on this project I didn’t registered domain at first and I edited host file so it points to server IP. After registration of domain and adding CF as my nameservers I forgot to delete that line so all the time I was communicating directly to my server insted of CF.

Now I have secure connection at my PC too. Sorry for bothering you with this when it was my stupid mistake and overlook.

No worries :slight_smile:

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