Setup right DNS record

I have this website should point to
but when I try to open it open me a blank page. how should I fix this issue?
I removed the A record which point to IP address does not pion to my website. could you help me?


have you tried setting up a CNAME rule that points to ?
Here’s an article explaining how it works.

Hope it helps

I got a new error that says there are another record shares the same CNAME we will do cname filtering,
and the website is unreachable under error “We can’t connect to the server at”

for better review the records those what I write in my DNS


50|Auto|DNS only|Edit|
| — | — | — |


10 Auto DNS only Edit

20 Auto DNS only Edit
SPF v=spf1 ~all Auto DNS only Edit
TXT spf v=spf1 ~all Auto DNS only Edit

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