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It took 5 days but my SSL finally got approved (yea!!) however, when I re-enabled Cloudflare I ran into some problems:

1.) I’m not getting correct SSL security. I’m getting a message that parts of the page aren’t secure (such as images)

2.) When I attempt to go to my site login page I get a ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS. I do redirect from the default login page but it works fine without Cloudflare enabled.

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Hi @pwardell,

  1. Is a mixed content issue. Mixed Content

  2. Is your SSL mode set to flexible? This can sometimes cause it. Make sure you leave your URL set to http, don’t change it to https. Ideally you would install a certificate on your server and switch to Full. [SSL modes explained]

@domjh Thank you very much for the quick reply. In regards to #2, I do have a valid SSL certificate on my server so should I select Full or Full (strict) on Cloudflare?

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If the certificate is valid, you should select Full (strict). Try this and see if you still get the too many redirects error. It should fix that.

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