Setup NS with subdomain & Office 365

this one is pulling my hair out!

We have a subdomain setup It has the MX/TXT and SRV settings for O365 all set correctly (and tested successfully). The issue is coming because we need to point this to another set of NS servers, I can’t get this to work through Cloudflare.

When I try to create NS for this subdomain I get an error message stating this “Non NS records already exist with this host code 81055”.

So, question is, am I able to create this set of records in Cloudflare, with the other records required to ensure the email works successfully in O365 or is it not possible?

You are trying to implement 2 incompatible methods for setting up Office 365. Either you want to delegate nameservers for the email subdomain to Office 365, in which case Microsoft becomes responsible for creating the needed records. Or you want to create the needed records in your DNS to use Office 365 for your subdomain.

Either would work, but not both. Since you appear to already have the needed records in place, you can/should probably just go that route in which case finish those steps and not the ones which describe an delegation.

Thanks for the reply, so you’re saying I should try to create the NS of the subdomain in Office 365?

It’s basically the second option we want to achieve to points to the 3 designated NS servers and then Office 365 is set to respond/send by being associated with those NS.

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