Setup nginx http proxy with Cloudflare Tunnel

Hi community,

I am I have the following situation which I am trying to solve using nginx and Cloudflare Tunnel.

Our customer has endpoints that are only accessible via whitelisted IP addresses. One of our servers’ IP address is whitelisted.
I want our employees to use the following workflow to connect to our customers endpoints:

  1. Connect to Cloudflare WARP
  2. In the browser use the extension SwitchyOmega to create an HTTP proxy using with port 80 and activate that proxy
  3. all traffic is then redirected through the instance which is the server with the whitelisted IP address

In Cloudflare Zero Trust I set up a tunnel and a public hostname with:
Type: HTTP
URL: localhost:8888

In the server I have an nginx server running and set up a forwarding proxy like so:

server {

    listen 8888;

    location / {


        proxy_pass http://$http_host$uri$is_args$args;



However, it is not working and when I activate the proxy in SwitchyOmega, I can’t open any website.

Is this setup even possible?
I would really appreciate any help with this!

Best regards,