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Hi I joined Cloudflare set up my domain so that I could install Nginx Proxy Manager for my Unraid server. I received email confirmation that the domain was setup so I created A records for my Sky IP Address and MX records from my domain registrar, I also noticed that there was another A record for the IP address for the registrar( easyspace) Then I tried to setup my domain as either a “A”or “CName” record as per the notification but received error 1004.

As a novices I am looking some advice on where I am going wrong as I feel that the DNS is not correct and may be causing a conflict between My IP Address and the registrar IP Address.

Any help would be appreciated

Have you checked out this guide:

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I appreciate your reply. I feel that i have a problems with A records as i move over my domain from my original registrar and changed the Name Servers at original registrar , however when i received an email that it was active the original IP address was included, then I install A record for my broadband providers IP address so i have 2 A records (www) plus the MX records.
My domain was purchased for personal emails only so i decided to use it for Cloudflare to use for Nginx after see various videos. I have since have error 1016. I just need guidance or instruction to understand.

Can you share what your DNS setup looks like? I just want to double-check it, because it sounds like it should work.

I hope that will help.

The first Record is the original IP address from my registrar and the second is my IP address for broad band server. Hope this makes sense?

You shouldn’t be able to have two A records for the same name. You are going to want the content for the A record to be set to whatever IP address is for your server.

You are able to. If you aren’t running an HA system configured to respond on either adress, you aren’t likely to receive the expected results. :wink:

@mike116, you probably only want to use one A record for that www name, as @Cyb3r-Jak3 suggested.

I have removed one A record leaving the Providers IP. On the DNS setup page it is requesting I set up ‘Add an A, AAAA, or CNAME record for your root domain so that mtamo.xx.xx will resolve.” This one area that I am struggling , please see screenshot. Cloudflare seems setup as there is activity in analytics. Totally at a loss ?

After reading Cloudflare documents it seems that i need the ip address for my domain. which was with the registrar. I included this and finally able to create an A record however, on testing i had the error 522 which has to do with the host provider. How can i solve this ?

I think that the issue is " * The origin IP address in your Cloudflare DNS app does not match the IP address currently provisioned to your origin web server by your hosting provider." ?

I was think of registering the domain with Cloudflare so they control everything good or bad idea , unless there is another solution?

Another solution to what? What problem do you expect transfering the domain registration to Cloudflare might solve?

I recommend sorting out your original challenges before complicating things with unnecessary changes.

Update : The IP address i managed to create is not my domain ip address it is an holding pages. Therefore I am square on unable to create root domain.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Would you mind answering the following two questions?

What do you want to happen when you type your www hostname ( in a web browser?

What do you want to happen when you type just your apex domain name ( in a web browser?

To answer your question i have no intention of building a website as i purchase it my personal for emails. I have a business website so no need for another.

Is there a way that i can use this domain for my purposes within Cloudflare i.e to use with Nginx on my server?

If it is correct to assume that you have no intention of serving content or running services on the apex or www names, you don’t need any A/AAAA/CNAME records for them. The apex requires MX records so your email gets delivered, of course.

Sure. Create an A record for the relevant hostname(s) and enter the public IPv4 address of your Nginx server. If you are on IPv6, create an AAAA record instead. This asumes that you have already correctly configured all the equipment and services that are operating on that IP.

I am afraid that A record for Nginx server did not work error 1004. Ngnix and various other apps are on unRaid server(I believe that this host?) IP address,xx which allocates its IP address with port to each of 10 host. of which only Ngnix is not working as I am only a CName record but this causes errors.

I am so confused now on how to obtain a IP address for my domain?

I appreciate your help and time.

It would need to be the public IP of your Unraid server.

You might need to take this over to the Unraid forums where you will be able to get more specialized help.

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thanks , i look into it. perhaps i may even purchase another domain and start again.

Thanks for help.

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