Setup in hostgator

I started setup and am now at the changing the nameserver. my hosting is on hostgator, and I have understood that you and hostgator were totally compatible, however I couldn’t find any article on setting up with hostgator ? My hosting is on hostgator but I bought ,my domain in another company called internetic, and not from the hostgator domain buyer.
Thank you in advance.

Cloudflare will scan your current DNS records. But double check to make sure it’s a complete match, that none of your Hostgator DNS records are missing from the Cloudflare list.

Once that’s done, go to Internetic and change the Name Servers for your domain to the ones Cloudflare has assigned to you.

So I need to change the nameserver on Internetic and not on hostgator, I got you right ?

see screenshots to tell me for sure :

Hi Daniel,

If you bought your domain name from Internic then you need to update your name servers at Internic. Name servers should always be updated at your registrar. Hope that helps!

Customer Advocate at HostGator

OK, I updated, and cloudflare successfully has been setup !

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