Setup help: 404 on three sites

Hi, looking for advice on re-setting up my sites.

I had all 5 working with TSHOSTS but they discontinued the hosting I was on and I had to transfer hosting to a different package. I changed the IP address on all 5 (so they are all pretty much identical) 2 of the sites work fine, 3 of them show 404s. They all have default hosting pages set and when I navigate directly to the IP address they appear to work fine. TSHOSTs have been pretty useless at helping and have advised that I speak to someone at Cloudflare.

Does anyone have an idea of what I can try next? I’ve flushed the DNS’s, checked the name servers and waited over two weeks :smiley: but still nothing…

What’s the domain?

3bw co uk is one of them (says i can’t post url)

I’d recommend to pause Cloudflare (bottom right), make sure the site loads with the right content and on HTTPS. If it does not, talk to the host. They may need to fix the server or provide you with the correct address. Once it does, you can unpause Cloudflare again.

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I have just tried to pause it but it’s still a 404 but with an invalid SSL. I have more sites hosted on the same IP address and they work fine. Why would one work and the other not? I only ask so I can be as specific to the host as they’ve been pretty rubbish so far.

Well, either you have the wrong IP address configured on Cloudflare or the host is not set up.

Hence why I wrote

So as a test i removed one of the sites that weren’t working (pishposhping co uk) and re-added it to my host. Plesk is now shows that there’s a DNS resolve issue and says the old IP address. I cannot see that address in Cloudflare or on reg-123. Is there somewhere else that IP could be stored on Cloudflare? I just purged everything but that didn’t change anything

No, Cloudflare is not involved here. It simply provides you with the IP address you configured and if that’s not correct, it will connect to the wrong server.

The best thing is to keep everything paused, contact your host, clarify and fix the issues, and once it loads on HTTPS, you can unpause Cloudflare.

The one thing you should actually do on Cloudflare is fix your encryption mode, as you currently have an insecure one enabled. You should change that to “Full Strict”.

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