Setup Forwards without IP

I’m looking to forward a domain, but it’s requiring a record (A or CNAME) at the host. How can I do that without using an IP or CNAME. I have it working now, but I’m using an IP of my test server, and would prefer to have a better solution.

Also how can I do it with a catchall forward for all subdomains?

There’s a tutorial for that.
Ultimately, I believe the Page Rule from the tutorial will have to be split into two page rules:

  1. Match* and forward to$1
  2. Match ** and forward to https://$$2

That will send the old to the new domain, and the old subdomain(s) to the new subdomain(s) if it’s a 1:1 mapping of old subdomains to new subdomains. If the new domain isn’t a complete structure map of the old domain, let us know how they differ.

Thanks for the quick response, but when I try to add a * as an A record, it no longer becomes proxied, so I don’t see how I can use it to forward, unless I have to manually point every subdomain in to the dummy IP.

That’s correct. You can’t :orange: Proxy a wildcard DNS entry unless you’re on an Enterprise plan. You’d have to create a DNS entry for each subdomain, just like you’d do for www.

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