Setup for Zeit / Now deployments

I’m really struggling to make Cloudflare work with Zeit / Now deployments. Event though there is an explanation of how to use Cloudflare on their site (found here: Guides) - some pieces of the puzzle must be missing.

I’ve tried to adopt some of the tips found on Heroku deployments ( like this one: ) but still to many unknowns…

Has anyone had any success with Zeit deployments ?

Can you give more information about what you think is missing or where you’re stuck?

I really think an expert on these things (you) should make a guide showing best practises when integrating Cloudflare with mainstream easy-to-use deployment servises like heroku, zeit and surge etc.
But to start with: Should I configure my domain to use zeit dns or Cloudflare dns ? And then what’s the best way to handle https / ssl ?. I’ve followed the Zeit guide but I think it’s ambiguous with regard to how to configure my domain.

@cs-cf is good, but he’s not omniscient. Cloudflare is pretty basic: DNS, then proxy your traffic. Third party integration can be tricky…and sometimes they change their configurations as they go along, significantly changing how customers need to set up Cloudflare.

Thankfully, Cloudflare is popular enough that most of those mainstream easy-to-use services have guides for routing through Cloudflare. Cloudflare is pretty basic: DNS, then proxy your traffic. Here’s what I found for Zeit:

In this example, you need to set your domain to use Cloudflare for DNS. Go to your Registrar and set your domain to use whatever DNS servers your Cloudflare DNS page tells you: (two of these)

For SSL, they recommend Full (Strict). So this tells me they already have a valid SSL certificate for your domain. Good.

Thank’s for the clarification!
Perhaps I screwed up with the SSL full strict thing. I’ll try this one more time, and document what I do so that I can provide more intelligent questions in case I fail. :laughing:

Hey there,

I’ve herd of Zeit but I’ve never used their deployment service - I’m a big fan of their terminal Hyper though :heart_eyes_cat:

Going through the process, I see I can’t use a custom domain on their free ‘OSS’ plan. That’s a bummer.

Their process for Cloudflare seem seem to be two-part:

  1. Create a verification TXT record and :grey: CNAME record pointing to
  2. Toggle CNAME :grey::orange: and enable Full (Strict) SSL
    • This requires a Page Rule with a match pattern of ** and the setting SSL Off

I’m curious where in the process you’re having trouble?

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