Setup for non-dev users to occasionally update a Pages site


I have recently migrated a WordPress site from AWS to Cloudflare Pages, rewriting the site using Gatsby. The site is complete, with no new content required, and this new setup works beautifully. I have another WP site that I’d like to migrate, but it is occasionally updated by non-technical users, who log in and add short pieces of text.

Is there anything available - even a paid-for add-on feature - that might allow similar access using Pages? Basically allowing non-devs to update a site by adding small amounts of additional text to selected pages - nothing more involved than that.

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There is no editing feature in a deployed/published pages site.

You could still run a headless WordPress instance somewhere for editors to use, and utilise a static generator plug-in to export to git from where Pages would automatically detect and re-deploy/publish those changes.


Thanks for the response. What you suggest was sort of what I had in mind, although my experience with static WP generator plugins has not been positive. I’ve preferred to convert by hand - time consuming, but at least I have full control and can see all the moving parts.

Indeed the absence of editing features is understandable, given that CF Pages is not a framework. I’ll probably end up doing the required site updates myself when required by my clients.

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