Setup doubts in CDN and SSL

I have 2 sites in which one site I used paid SSL certificate (buy from hosting site) and in the 2nd site, I don’t use SSL.

  1. I want to use the CDN feature in the free Cloudflare plan for my first site (in which I already use purchased SSL From the hosting site).
  2. And in my 2nd site, I want to use Cloudflare free SSL.

So my question is…

In both cases, the setting should be the same or something different.

Your first site will be secure, as you’ve secured the origin with SSL. Your second site will not be secure, as your origin is unsecured.

You don’t need to buy SSL certs if your host will let you install your own. Cloudflare can secure your origin for free.

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I am using a subdomain on my blog. But the Cloudflare SSL is not working on the subdomain. Please help me with this.
When I am opening my blog with the SSL is working fine. But when I am trying to access it using the SSL is not working.

i did not see any sub domain in your domain.
Seem you are using VPS on OVH, please double check to see if you installed SSL for your subdomain.

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