Setup Domains and Subdomains on cloudflare

Okay so I am working for my university’s site. It is basically a subdomain. They have the access of the domain and other sub domains and I dont have that. I need to setup cloudflare to a specific sub domain. For that I need to update records of the domain. But do they need to update the records of the other sub domains as well?

You won’t be able to do a Subdomain setup if the parent domain isn’t active in your account, unless you’re on an Enterprise plan:

You could try a CNAME setup, but that requires a Business or Enterprise plan:

My recommendation would be to set up a generic domain, like an .xyz, and use it to house a Custom Hostname setup for that subdomain hostname. It’s free for up to ten hostnames:

This would basically let your subdomain alias over to the .xyz site, which will resolve to your actual site. It’s a little confusing, but if you get started on a setup, we can answer some questions on what adjustments you’d need to make to get it working.

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