Setup domain without cname/aaaa

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What is the domain name?

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Isn’t it possible to setup a domain only with URI, and without Cname/a/aaaa - so just use for forwarding and mx?

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If you are only using the domain for email you can certainly publish only email related records like MX SPF DKIM DMARC

When you say forwarding, are you referring to web forwarding or email forwarding, like Cloudflare Email Routing?

No i mean forward web traffic … so eg is forwarded through uri

As long as you mean actual forwarding and not domain masking, you can accomplish this on Cloudflare with Bulk Redirects.

But i need to use cname or aaaa to setup a domain?

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You need DNS for any hostname that you want to use. If you want to forward to using Bulk Redirects, you would add a :orange: proxied A record with a placeholder IP as described in the documentation linked in my previous reply.

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