Setup DNSSEC after migrate the domain to Cloudflare

I can’t add the DS in my registrar because when i change the domain name to no longer had access to setup new DNS

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Can you give a us a little more to work with here? Your domain name would be the most useful, since it would answer all of the other relevant questions, such as which registrar is involved.

My domain name is “”, i bought it in Godaddy, and transfer to Cloudflare changing the servers name.
Now in order to enable DNSSEC, the instructions tells that you have to add a “DS Record” at the register of the domain (GoDaddy), but I can’t bcs since I changed the servers name, GoDaddy lost the access to the DNS.

So what I should do to enable the DNSSEC?

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Your Registrar is still GoDaddy, so you have to use GoDaddy to update the DS records. Have you followed the GoDaddy instructions?

Just to correct the terminology, when you transfer a domain name you are changing your Registrar. You have not done that. You have changed the DNS hosting provider, which is a different thing. DS records are always managed at your Registrar, and it does not really matter where your NS records are pointing.

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In the godaddy instructions a specific field appears to change the DS Record that does not appear to me, I contacted their technical service and they told me that having moved the server name to cloudflare they could no longer manage that, so I’ll ask again anyway.

Just to know, If I transfer the domain to cloudflare so that when the new payment to keep it expires it is made here, cloudflare will be the domain registrar and there will no longer be a need to do anything in godaddy?

(To do this, I have to wait 120 day since I bought it)

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