Setup DNS with two domains

I am in the beginning of setup of Cloudflare and came across something the made me wonder.
We have (a lot of) special cname/txt/etc records on the domain. This is not a real problem but this might be.

We have domain: which we want to be on Cloudflare. So this works kind of okay and most settings are found by cloudflare.
But here is the kicker:
We also have with different nameservers.
When setting up the account, I suddenly see they the โ€˜eโ€™ subdomain is also partly found.

I du not know how all systems will react to this. Should I just delete these entries ? (but then they might dissapear for real when I got to the cloudflare dns server). Or should I get this dns-only or โ€ฆ

hopefully this understandable for someone and I can be guided to the right direction.

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You will want to ensure that you add the appropriate records to support the delegation of your child zone to its existing nameservers. You should be able to use the same NS records that are found in your zone at your current DNS host.

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