Setup custom email with Cloudflare and Hosting elsewhere

Hello everyone,

I’m new to cloudflare. I have a domain name that I purchased from I’m using infinity free’s hosting so to connect my domain name to infinity free I need to add infinity free’s nameservers in my domain DNS. Because of that I cannot use cloudflare’s nameservers to verify my domain. Is there any way I can verify my domain on cloudflare and create my domain emails?

Thank you

No, you don’t need to. You can use Cloudflare or any external nameserver (DNS provider), and point your domain to your hosting provider

To use Cloudflare for your domain, you must use Cloudflare’s nameservers. There’s no way around that, certainly not for someone using a free hosting service.

So change your nameservers to your pair of Cloudflare nameservers. And get into your Cloudflare DNS page to point your domain to InfinityFree. See the step-by-step guide below.


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