Setup CNAME to using another Cloudflare Zone

I am a sysadmin in a university directorate, handling an LMS application hosted on Azure, with the current topology as follows:

  1. Current Setup:
    *Root domain is registered on Cloudflare.
    *Sub-domain points to an Azure Load Balancer (LB) without Cloudflare’s proxy.
    *The campus has an internal DNS server the directly point to the Public IP of the Azure LB.
  • I have a second domain,, also registered on Cloudflare.
  • I tried created a DNS record pointing to the Public IP of Azure with Cloudflare’s proxy enabled.
    *I try set up a CNAME from (not proxied) to
  1. Issue:
  • Despite these configurations, traffic and DDoS management intended for is still being directed to the Cloudflare account for

Are these domains in different Cloudflare accounts?

Cloudflare prohibits CNAME between domains in different Cloudflare accounts. The CNAME target needs to be using Cloudflare for SaaS for this to work.

yup the domains in different account, its like this

ahh it must using Cloudflare for SaaS…i seee, to using the SaaS service it must using enterprise plan ?

No need (depending on the features you want)…

are the feature in the plans is ‘Non-SNI support for SaaS zone’ ?

or its available in pro plan?

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