Setup CloufFlare CDN / GTMetrix still saying i'm NOT hosting content ON CDN!

Hey there, I have setup Cloudflare CDN on my domain , and i’m confused on the GTmetrix results. It’s still showing an (F) on using CDN for some of my content. By the way I had the same Cloudflare CDN setup before, and soon after I set it up GTmetrix back then showed score of (100) for using CDN … This time I used the saaaame exact steps except that I’m still getting (F) on GTmetrix

What’s the domain?

You must have just switched it to Cloudflare. GTMetrix is still using your old IP address. When I test it from home, it goes through Cloudflare. Give it some time for DNS to propagate. Up to 48 hours.

Yes I did , ok thanx I’ll wait and see

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