Setup Cloudflare to Exchange online

Can someone please help me with setting up cloudflare DNS to be able to connect to the exchange online? Currently the outlook throws the error regarding SSL/TLS connectivity to cloudflare. I have run “Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer” and the results have shown that SSL certificate fails. Please see below.

(X) Testing the SSL certificate to make sure it’s valid.
The SSL certificate failed one or more certificate validation checks.

Test Steps

:heavy_check_mark: The Microsoft Connectivity Analyzer is probing the TCP endpoint on port 443 to detect which SSL/TLS protocols and cipher suites are enabled.We were able to detect the enabled protocols and cipher suites.

Additional Details

(X) Checking that your server supports TLS protocols and cipher suites that are compatible with Office 365.Your server doesn’t support TLS protocols and cipher suites compatible with Office 365.

Cloudflare does not proxy email connections. Any email-related hostname in Cloudflare DNS should be set to :grey:.