Setup CloudFlare for website hosted with Bluehost


My website is hosted with Bluehost. Bluehost doesn’t provide Cloudflare in their new control panel any more, so setting up Cloudflare becomes something different (compare to my previous experiences) to me. I contacted Bluehost’s support, they said that to setup Cloudflare, I’ll need to ask for name servers and IP from CF. Anyone knows how or where I could get this “IP”?

Or, it’s simpler just to ignore what they said, just go ahead change name server?

Just follow

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I think you have been provided with the solution to include Cloudflare on your Bluehost hosting server and I assume it did work well for you. But, now you don’t have to go for it manually and instead you can go with the managed google cloud web server which is powered by Cloudways. As they are very sustainable with Cloudflare and provide an extra layer of Cloudflare security by default.

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