Setup Cloudflare as Custom DDNS on Synology

I setup my domain on Cloudflare as “nas do my domain name " … this is just an example”, using API and I can ping it successfully. Cloudflare is not one of the ready DDNS in Synology so I’m trying to set up a customized DDNS using the GUI in Synlogy and have had no success, pls see the screen captures and link below for Synology instructions.

I think I need help with the Query command as Synology says it has to be provided by Cloudflare, any tips/hints/recommendations?

Thank you

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The API documentation is going to be the place to find what you need. Look for the DNS Records for a Zone section.

Thank you, Epic , I already setup my domain name using Cloudflare as mentioned in my initial case - and now need help to implement customized DDNS in my Synology sever , pls see attached Synology instructions I followed

However, so far I have no success .

Consulting with Synology , I was advised to get help from Cloudflare with regards to the Query command as per the screen capture I attached above .

Any tips for how to implement customized Cloudflare DDNS in Synology ?

Thank you

The API documentation is what you will need to reference to construct the custom call in your Synology. The section I mentioned has relevant syntax,especially the Patch DNS Record call.

You will also need to fix your API endpoint.

Much appreciated Epic!

Ok, now, I’m trying to map Synology GUI fields as per the attached screen capture to the API/user keys per the link you provided , but so far no success (can’t get the connection succeed from within Synology) - pls see attached and advise?

I do not recommend using your Global API token. A dedicated scoped token is much safer.

You may also want to read the procedure that another Synology user documented.

Hi Epic, appreciate it - I really wanted to use the standard GUI interface in Synology than scripted (lower layer) customization and I hoped Cloudflare and Synology will coordinate directly to make it readily available for their common clients , that will be in the best interest for all parties , right? Is this an option now or in the future?

At any case , I am aware of the article you pointed me to and as a matter of fact , I already started to implement it but with no success as well , I used the Zone ID Token and the API Global token to test the connection but no success , I get the attached error message below , I might need to redo it again from ground zero and/or use the API Token instead , any tips?


There is nothing that Cloudflare would need to coordinate with Synology. The API is published. Nothing but their own inaction prevents Synology from adding Cloudflare DNS updates to their interface. I certainly agree with you that it would be considerably easier for Synology users if the option was built into the Synology interface.

Lacking a Synology of my own, I can’t work through the process completely. If I was trying to implement this myself, I would use curl to test the API calls from the command line and once I had the correct syntax, I would see how it fits into the Synology framework. Engaging with the Synology Community for platform specific advice may also help expedite the process.

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You might use IPv4 and not IPv6 on your synology.
If so, please turn the IPv6 parameter in the script to false:

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