Settings + Page Rules

Hi Cloudflare Community!!

I really appreciate your time and help… so thank you in advance.

I am kinda new on Cloudflare and I have looked up a bunch of things in terms of what settings I want to be using… but it’s hard to know what is good or not, right or wrong.

I am running it for BuilderAll which I use for landing pages and funnels.

I have followed the settings listed on this page:

more or less…
Is that a good start?? I know it says for wordpress but figured the majority seemded appropiate for myself also. If there is anything in there that I should not have done would be stoked to get told now.

As for page rules,
I have set a use https always - htttp: //domainname .com/
and a 301 permanent redirect - www. domainname .com/* to https ://domainname .com/*

(I have put spaces in to allow this post to post)

I use subdomains… will the rules work fine for subdomains also??

I would like to cache everything as my pages are not dynamic at all.

How would I enter my domain name to chache everything and would this include subdomains also??

Thank you for your time and help.

Good vibes,

You don need a page rule for that. There’s a global setting under Crypto.

The global setting will work domain wide and the redirect only redirects requests to “www”.

In that case you should have a second page rule which configures that. As for the URL → **

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