Settings [Network]

I use wordpress, I have questions about these 3 options.
What advantage? do i have to enable all 3 options?

I need recommendations

I use all three. You really don’t have a choice for HTTP/2, then HTTP/3 is just better, but not widely supported in browsers.

0-RTT offers quicker followup connections from browsers. Some sites with heightened security concerns don’t use it, but it’s generally safe. This article describes it and has a “What’s The Catch” section that addresses some concerns.

“but not widely supported in browsers.”

but if I activate will it change into something? even if not supported?

No, it will be ignored by browsers that can’t use it.

Interesting answer, so you’d recommend to activate HTTP/3 in any case for any website or there is something we should know?
And what about the 0-RTT Connection Resumption?
Is it “nice to have” in any case?
What you mean for heightened security websites in the above answer, banks and big e-commerce like? Thank you for sharing the article.

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