Settings for my registrars


New to Cloudflare.
My domain is still associated to my old registrar. I moved my sites to Hostinger.
To direct the domain to Cloudflare I had to set the server adress to and But I have to provide an ip adress too.
What is the adress for these servers ?

To point your nameservers at Cloudflare, you shouldn’t ever need specific IP addresses. You should solely need to change the nameservers.

It looks like your host as a guide for doing this here: How to change nameservers at Hostinger? | Hostinger Help Center

Once you have the domain controlled in Cloudflare, it’s likely you will need to create DNS records to point it back at your hosting provider (Hostinger). They also have some docs for this:

Thanks for your help CherryJimbo,
In fact my site is Hostinger but the domains are registered at OVH (temporarily …) so it slightly changes the situation as OVH asks for server adress + an IP …

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